Attridge Transport

L1- tree conservation and existing conditions plan
L2- planting plan
L3-details and plants list

F-08229-1ESCF- site grading and storm water management
             1F- site servicing
             2F- site grading and storm water management plan
             3F- sections
             4F- details 

S1.1- standard notes and details
S1.2- standard notes and details
S2.0- schedules
S2.1-foundation plan
S2.3- roof plan
S3.1- sections
S3.2- sections

210073-E1R2- site plan
            E2R1- lighting layout
            E3R1- power layout
                  E- panel schedule

M1- plumbing plan
M2- HVAC plan
M3- roof mechanical plan
M4- mechanical schedule
M5- mechanical details
M6- oil interceptor details
M7- mechanical specs.

A 001- symbols legend details assembly types
A100- site plan
A200- barrier free design
A201- fire separations
A301- ground floor plan
A302- mezzanine plan
A303- ground floor plan
A304- ground floor blowup
A320- reflected ceiling plan
A400- elevations
A500- cross sections
A501- cross sections
A502- wall sections
A503- details
A503- details
A600- window and door schedule
A700- interior wall elevations

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